10:15 AM December 06, 2021

Rumble in Idibia’s home: Annie threatens to dump 2face over alleged infidelity

These are not exactly good times for the family of Afro pop singer, 2face Idibia, as his wife, Annie, shocked many of his fans and lovers of his music on Thursday night when she revealed that her marriage to 2face may be heading for the rocks.

In a long post on her Instagram Story early Friday morning, Annie, a successful actress and entrepreneur called out her husband and accused him of having an affair with one of his babymamas, who simply goes by the name Pero during one of the singer’s visit to the US.

Annie who said she was running out of patience, maintained that she has taken so much from 2face over the years, adding that being patient does not make her an innocent fool. She also accused 2face’s family of not showing her love, insisting that no matter how much she tried, the singer’s family never loved her.

In her words: “I am a patient woman. I am not a fool, innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning. No matter how hard I tried, I was never worthy to them. I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have tried. Your babymamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.

“I try to stay gracious. You are not the first man on the planet to have kids by different women. You can do better. Everything I do is to show the good human that you are. But today, the move done by Efe, Frankie and your family is unacceptable.”

Annie alleged that 2face was still seeing Pero, questioning the singer’s decision to spend the night in her house during one of his trips to the US.

“What kind of man takes his kids and spent the night in the same apartment with his kids and their mother? How many times have you gone to see your kids with Pero and she stayed with you under the same roof for night,” she said.

The mother of two girls removed Idibia from her name on Instagram early Friday morning in what looked like she was done with the marriage but returned it some hours later after she was said to have been talked into rescinding her decision.

Fans were divided over the Annie’s decision to drag 2face into the public square as some of them condemned her action while others felt it was the best thing to do when other options to address the issue appeared to have failed.

While 2face has kept mute on the matter, findings by R on Friday revealed that the singer was shocked at Annie’s revelation but has been advised to stay mute.

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