6:59 AM May 22, 2022

2023: Corrupt politicians’ll go to jail, says Igini

The Akwa Ibom State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mike Igini has said that politicians who engage in election violence or result falsification at the forth-coming elections in the state will be jailed.

Igini said the commission has developed a very robust system that would make it impossible for any politician in Akwa Ibom state under any illusion that he could use violence to be returned as a winner of the election.

He said, “Those who used violence in 2019 had the dinosaur experience of extinction. Similarly, those University professors procured to alter results and make false declarations are being prosecuted. One had been jailed for three years while the prosecution of the other one is in progress.

“Consequently, any politician or university professor in Akwa Ibom state who tries to undermine the integrity of the Electoral process will go to jail. Those who undermine the integrity and confidence of the public in our public institutions must be punished.”

Igini further added that the commission will sanction any of its staff who refuses to maintain and keep to the ethics of the organization.

=He added, “The Commission will sanction anyone who deviates from the highest principle of ethical standards expected of them as umpire responsible for the full implementation of all extant laws and regulations that govern the conduct of the election.

“They must learn from the fate of those staff who have been dismissed over attempted but failed compromise of the 2019 election in the state.”

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