7:22 AM May 22, 2022

Unemployment: NASFAT to open cottage industry in December

The Nasrul Lahi-L-Fatih Society on Sunday said it would open a cottage industry that would basically deal with the value-chains of palm kernel for teeming unemployed youths in the country.

The organisation, owner of Fountain University, Osogbo, has also launched a fundraising scheme worldwide for its proposed ?2.5 billion mosque structures located on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Chief Missioner of NASFAT, Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Onike, said this in an interview with journalists in Abuja.

According to him, the mission board of the society would work towards achieving the industry project before December 2022.

He said, ”We have made efforts to create an industry in the past. We have not foreclosed our efforts in establishing industries that will employ teeming unemployed youths of the country.

”In sha Allah, the mission board is looking at setting up a cottage industry in the country very soon before the end of the year. The mission board, as an organ of the society is planning cottage industry.

”We are looking at palm kernel production where we shall look at value-chains of palm kernel. That one will come to light before the end of the year by God’s grace.”

The cleric stressed that it was very paramount for the government at various levels to cultivate the habit of carrying the populace along in any programme and projects they embark upon and shun corrupt tendencies.

“The government should continue to carry the populace along. If you’re doing something for them and they are not aware of it, they may think you’re not doing anything for them”, Onike added.

While stressing that not less than N400 million has already been expended on the building project, Onike called on well-meaning Nigerians particularly Muslim faithful to be part of the success story of the mosque, noting that there is no doubt that they would be rewarded on this earth and hereafter.

He explained that building the mosque at the chosen location was the will of Allah and strategic.

The Islamic scholar said, “People should continue to be the success story by contributing to the mosque, by ensuring that people have where to worship, a place where people can access Islam, the place where Muslims and non-Muslims have access to correct teachings of Islam, and that is what that mosque will provide.

“There will be a place where people who are non-Muslims can come and find out about Islam, where Muslims can learn more about their religion, where people can do Itikhaf and where those travelling along that road can pray because the route has highest number of traffic in this country.

“By building the mosque, it has provided people opportunities of having a place to talk to their Lord. In Nigeria, we need prayers. If we have a place that is conducive to pray, conducive to worship Allah, NASFAT mosque along Lagos-Ibadan expressway will be one of those places in Nigeria.

“We are talking about N2.5bn mosque. We have expended over N400 million on the mosque. People have contributed so much, and we still implore them to be part of it because when you build mosques, you’re getting the reward in this world and hereafter.

“It is something that is called recurring charity. I encourage all NASFAT members, wherever they are located, they should be part of the headquarters programme because NASFAT is beyond a branch or group. It is when we present the bigger picture of NASFAT that people will appreciate you.

”We are talking about the organisation that has 350 branches, an organisation that can boast of an agency, a university, its primary and secondary schools, that is to make the public to know how far we have gone. We will be motivated if people support us more. We hereby present the NASFAT to the public and to the government.

”It is helping government in providing or improving the socio-economic situation of the country by establishing schools in the area of education, by establishing NASFAT Zakat agency, in provide employment and livelihood up to the citizenry, establishing clinics and hospitals.

”We are making Medicare accessible to people. All what we are doing in the area of education, health and Dawah, we are supporting the government to make sure that Nigeria remains a conducive place to live in and become a prosperous nation among the committees of nation.”

Speaking during the raising of fund and special prayer for the nation, the Chairman, FCT zone, Dr. Nasir Raji-Mustapha, explained that Nigeria needed to intensify prayers against terrorism, banditry and kidnapping.

The Chairman of NASFAT (Kubwa branch), Jimoh Muideen, appealed to politicians to always keep to promises and pledges made to the public and deliver them.

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