10:41 AM December 06, 2021

They put P-Square together again with birthday bromance; any lesson?

That the Okoye twins have put P-Square together again is no news. In fact, the ‘remarriage’ of Peter and Paul was foreseen by Vanguard. Read it HERE.

Now, what is worth spreading is the intensity with which the reunion is igniting passions: in their hearts and their fans’.

The reunion and/or birthday celebration began with a touching video of the twins hugging. The tears must have followed behind the camera.

Then we woke up to both Peter and Paul posting same pictures of both in matching wears.

A video then had them jumping into the Davido’s challenge of asking friends to send birthday money.

Each video or picture they have posted since shows some rough edges, rigidity and glossed-over awkward smiles and hugs.

It’s expected. After a mini-war that put everything out in the open, with threats of blows, it’s expected.

So, P-Square, have you got the knowledge that come with experience to deal with the “issues”?

The wilderness lessons

A relationship expert gave the following tips:

*Keep relationship away from the business

*Have an MoU irrespective of blood relationships and stick to it

*Personal legal representation is a must

*Place yourselves strictly on salary

*Business accounts is not personal or family accounts. They must be separate.

Now, let’s see if the magical P-Square of back-to-back hits and anthems is still possible.

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