10 Exotic Xmas Vacations Africans Can Take Without A Visa

At times, the queues at the embassies or visa application centres can make you cancel your holiday plans.

The stress of getting a visa sometimes makes me dread going on a vacation. I bet you feel the same way? But don’t worry, there are alternatives. Forget New York, Hawaii, London or Germany; there are actually places you can visit without visiting the embassies to apply for visa, while you get denied in the end.

Fiji Island

An exotic vacation in Fiji Island is definitely worth taking. The island has calm atmosphere and moderate climate all year round. Nigerians can visit and stay in Fiji Island for 4 months.


Cotonou is popular for so many things but it is really a great vacation destination. Many Nigerians are fond of visiting the Benin Republic illegally, by entering through the bush or