Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr Joins His Father For Training At Real Madrid Pitch (Photo)

Like father, like son. Cristiano Ronaldo shared a picture of himself and his son at Real Madrid training on Friday.

Both of them sat on a pair of footballs at the Real Madrid training ground. Ronaldo shared the photo on Instagram, which sees his son wearing his father’s iconic number seven shirt, as he captioned it :

 Special guest today in training ground.

In a recent interview, Cristiano Ronaldo said that he finds it difficult to get seven-year-old Cristiano Jnr to sit down for dinner – because he is so football mad.

“He loves football and he plays all the time,” said the Portugal captain, speaking in an interview with Spanish magazine Hola.

“Often it’s difficult to get him to sit down and have dinner because he’s always outside kicking a football.

“I suppose it’s in his blood. “He’s a very affectionate boy, attentive, friendly, respectful and very open with people.

“Everyone who meets him is surprised at how confident he is. That makes me feel very proud as a dad.”