My Fiancé Told Me He’s In A Meeting But Finally Caught Him With My Mum On Bed – Bride To Be Cries Out

Bride to be really had a bad evening today after returning from work and found her fiancé to get married to in few months with her biological mother.

Only God knows where the world is going to. Isn’t this a bad news to be published?

Read what she sent to Naijaloaded below;

Hi fellow,

I don’t care if you unleash my name.

My name is Abike and my fiancé name is Abiola.

As we all know that today is Friday and we normally closed by 3pm and sometimes close by 2pm.

I called my fiancé to take me out and he said he his in a meeting and asked me not to go home that we will come pick me up in the Office. I waited for so long and i left angrily.

On getting home, i met his car and i was like what is going on cause he said he will come pick me up in the Office, so i closed my mind on that to go inside and see what’s going on.

On getting in, no one is in the sitting room and i went straight to my room but his not there i was like what his going on. I went to my mother’s room and i started hearing some sexual sound from her room. I don’t know what to do at that moment, so i break in and i saw my mother on top my fiancé who i’m about to get married to in few months.

He tried to explain somethings to me but i left cause i can kill him and my mother that moment.

Please my fellow creatures, should i go and listen to what he have to say or not and leave the house?

I really need your advice.