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5 Things We Learnt From The ‘Davido, Asika And Kamal’ Relationship All 

5 Things We Learnt From The ‘Davido, Asika And Kamal’ Relationship

As a young and impending artist manager, Kamal is one of the few music business professional I idolize and I must confess am a little bit sad for him but Who I Epp?. Truth be told I learnt unteachable lessons from this story, ones you only see if you pay attention.

Checkout the 5 Things we learnt from Davido, Kamal & Asika relationship.. 


Back to 2011 when Davido came into the industry, Asa Asika known to be Naeto C cousin, was his first manager until he was relieved of duty end of December 2013. Believe it or not, it’s a big trauma to overcome!

Imagine you worked for a company from the scratch and the company sacked you just about moments things were getting better. Asika might have seem to be nowhere to be found since then but he kept on working! And see what that got him years later.


After Asika got sacked he didn’t go around social media boasting he helped Davido into the industry. He was professional, very professional! Any other person would have gone to tweet: “I made you”, “u wey no sabi sing shishi”, “if no be me u no for blow”… if he had done any of that 4 years ago, I don’t need to emphasize. Gbam!


Ask me if I support Davido’s decision about Kamal, my answer is No! But once again “who I epp?” Kamal and his Twenty20 management team have been an undeniable major influence in the Son of Mercy career in the past few years, from getting Sony deal, RCA, Pepsi etc not just his music, he groomed David to be a more matured and grown man.

But the saying goes ‘Change is Constant’ and that’s life. OBO wasn’t feeling the work flow anymore and he had to sub.


What other worse reason could have gotten an artist manager sacked than being for chasing international fame for his artist? Perplexed, ain’t you? “fxxk all that international shxxxxt. It’s cool but fxxxk. I am back to the basics,” davido said on snapchat.

Kamal won’t have a problem finding a new employer, after all he wasn’t sacked for fraud or stealing. Tens of thousands of artist will kill for the “international shxxxt”. Abi na lie?


Am not surprised the ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ swallowed his own words: “2017 I am my own manager, never put your life in another man’s hand.’ Those were wrong choice of words at that moment, as an artist you at least someone who manages your business and personal doings.

As an a-list act, I bet you won’t survive a year at the peak if you don’t get another business / personal manager after sacking one.

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Written by:- Daramola ‘Koxyn’ Samuel (@don_koxyn)

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